Photoshoot with Helena, a lovely girl from Lebanon

I got an email recently from a young lady from Lebanon who said she was in Bucharest and would like a photoshoot in a nice location. I asked for a bit more information, about her, about what she wanted exactly, how she found me, etc. She said she found me on Instagram and that she wanted to be photographed in a few different outfits, kind of like a fashion shoot.

No doubt that initially I thought 'I am not a fashion photographer' and I wasn't sure I'd be the right photographer for her, but then I realised that she came to me after seeing my work so she must have liked my style so I said to myself 'why not, it could be fun'. And I was right!

Therefore, after exchanging a few more emails we agreed to meet in the city centre and go take photos in the Cismigiu Gardens which is such a good place for photoshoots, especially this time of year! - you can also see the 'urban ballerina' shoot I did in the same location by clicking here.

Below you can see my favourite photos from what was a really relaxing and fun photo session.

We even took a boat out on the lake which taught me that rowing and trying to keep the boat from spinning around while taking photos at the same time is not easy! Managable though with a bit of patience and definitely worth it as the lake looked lovely with the stone bridges going across and the willow trees hanging in the water. Plus the lighting! Oh, the lighting was just gorgeous that afternoon!