Restaurant Photography for Zada Architecture

Zada Architecture are a young architectural practice, specialising in interior design, co-founded by two very talented ladies, Alina (right) and Marilena (left).

I was fortunate enough to meet them at an event in Bucharest and when I told them I am a photographer they immediately asked if I do architecture photography. I told them architecture is actually one of my favourite things to shoot and left them a business card and a couple of days later they contacted me to say they would like us to collaborate. Not too long after that we were all embarking on a 500km round trip to Tecuci, a small town in Romania, where they designed the interior of a lovely restaurant called "La Tei".

Here are a few photos from that day, a day that could be best described as fun and productive. There was laughter, good stories, hard work, extreme heat as well as one of the biggest thunderstorms I've seen (with hail and everything)!

Absolutely loved the lighting installations fitted throughout the restaurant!

I just couldn't not get some detail shots of the lovely traditional pottery objects.

Working hard to get the installation behind the bar ready before dark.

After almost two hours of glueing moss to an MDF board, this was the result. Awesome, isn't it?

I'd like to end this post by saying congrats to Zada Architecture for the excellent job they did with this restaurant. Thanks for an awesome day as well! Definitely looking forward to future successful collaborations!