Stylish little apartment in Bucharest

Last week I was comissioned to photograph another apartment fully fitted with some fantastic looking furniture created by Slender Tree.

This was a photoshoot which almost didn't happen because just the night before, as I was getting my equipment ready, I was shocked to find that my main camera, the Fuji XT2, would not turn on. Initially I thought the battery must be completely drained, but then when I tried it with 4 other batteries and saw that it simply wouldn't respond I freaked out a bit. I sent it in for repair and it turns out the issue is the main circuit board which simply stopped working. Pretty odd and the technician from the Fujifilm repair centre said he couldn't find anything inside the camera that would point to the reason why the board died. He said the repair would take around two weeks and quoted me a pretty substantial fee, which in all fairness is less than I was expecting but still nothing to be happy about...

Anyway, luckily I had my trusty little X-E2 as a backup and decided to use that instead and I am so glad I did because it performed admirabily! Even if it lacks the tilt screen and some of the superior functions of the XT2, it got the job done in the end and the final images turned out great! Check them out below.