Ioana & Radu - Portrait session

After 3 weeks without my main camera which had to be repaired, I was really excited to get a phonecall and find out it was finally ready to be picked up from the Fujifilm service centre. So excited in fact, that I actually decided to celebrate by buying another camera and a lens to supplement my current setup!!

So in order to test the new equipment as well as the newly repaired camera, I took advantage of the first spring-worthy day we've had this year and went out to do a couple portrait session with Radu & Ioana. The location was Herastrau Park in Bucharest, which was overflowing with people, but that comes as no surprise really, given the weather. The images turned out so beautiful thanks to the warm, golden light we had that afternoon. But don't take my word for it, just have a look below.

While some photographers would try to move away from the overcrowded areas, I saw an opportunity to create something a bit different, by actually using the moving people to compose my shot.

When having multiple cameras around , sometimes the photographer can become the subject.