Castle Howard Photoshoot - Portrait Photography York

A few weeks ago, at the end of April, right before winter decided to make a comeback to England, I took a trip to the incredible Castle Howard in York, with Iulia and Sandra, two sisters who rarely see eachother, because one of them lives in Manchester, the other in Vigo, Spain. As Sandra came over to visit and this was the first time they were seeing each other in about a year, we did a mini portrait photoshoot on the premises of this stunning castle, so they have some great memories of their time together here, until the next time they see each other.

The girls decided to get matching outfits and they both looked great and had a ton of fun on this portrait session!

Don’t take my word for it though, just have a look at the photos and see for yourselves!

Castle Howard Portrait Session York_11.JPG
Castle Howard Portrait Session York_21.JPG
Castle Howard Portrait Session York_18.JPG
Castle Howard Portrait Photographer_01.JPG
Castle Howard Portrait Photographer_02.JPG
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Castle Howard Portrait Session York_01.JPG

Portrait Photography Session in York

The 18th century castle is superb and the gardens are absolutely massive and full of little spots where you can take great portraits. Castle Howard is a brilliant location for any Wedding/Portrait Photographer based in York or the North of England. On the day we were there, the weather was so beautiful and the sun was really bright, but that was creating a lot of harsh shadows, which most photographers tend to run away from. However, in this instance I thought it was a great opportunity to play around with some off camera flash and try my hand at a couple of creative, “fashion” style portraits.

Castle Howard Portrait Session York_04.JPG
Castle Howard Portrait Session York_20.jpg
York Portrait Photographer_26.JPG
York Portrait Photographer_27.JPG

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