Poros Island Engagement Photoshoot Greece - Irina & Vlad

This is the first of a series of blog posts featuring Irina & Vlad, who are a beautiful and incredibly fun couple, soon to be married. Vlad spends a lot of his time sailing around on the Aegean Sea, as a skipper for SetSail, while Irina has a passion for creating wedding dresses, and oh my God you won’t believe how cool her dresses are! Actually, you will believe it when you see them on her website, The Last Human.

It looks like I tend to attract fashion designers, last time I shot Aida’s awesome fashion collection at the Barbican in London.

I sailed with Irina & Vlad as well as a few other fantastic people, in Greece, for 10 days - or to be more precise, Vlad sailed, I just took photos and enjoyed the sun and the sea - moving from island to island, each one more beautiful than the last.

In this post I will show you a collection of my favourite images from Irina & Vlad’s Poros Island Engagement Photoshoot. Poros is a lovely little island, part of the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It is a popular holiday destination for tourists as well as Greeks, as it is only 1 hour away from Athens, by ferry. It is really no surprise people go there in numbers, the place has everything going for it, beautiful views, super friendly people and nice weather (most of the time).

Poros Island Photography Greece_01.JPG
Poros Island Photography Greece_05.JPG

We were there in April, so the weather was still a bit….volatile. We had sun, rain, wind, a bit of everything really. We shot in all weather conditions, rain and wind were no restrictions. Don’t know what is going on, where these rhymes are coming from, but I sure won’t stop them now, not before I take a bow!!

Ok, don’t know what that was..Moving on..

Poros Island Photography Greece_04.JPG

Couple Portrait Photography Session in Poros, Greece

We walked around the picturesque town for a bit and found a lovely rooftop with great views over the houses, so we stopped and shot there for a bit.

Poros Island Engagement Photoshoot_07.JPG

I have to point out Irina’s lovely engagement ring, which in case you’ve missed it, is a cat!

Poros Island Engagement Photoshoot_06.JPG
Poros Island Engagement Photoshoot_09.JPG
Engagement Photo Session Poros Greece_05.JPG
Engagement Photo Session Poros Greece_11.jpg
Engagement Photo Session Poros Greece_06.JPG
Engagement Photo Session Poros Greece_07.JPG
Engagement Photo Session Poros Greece_09.JPG
Engagement Photo Session Poros Greece_10.JPG

Engagement Photoshoot on Poros Island. Fun and relaxed portrait photography in Greece

Later we decided to go even higher up so we headed towards one of the highest points of the town, which is the clock tower peak. That’s not actually what it’s called, in reality it’s something more like Πύργος ρολογιού κορυφή.

Ok, I have no idea what that means, I just put some greek letters next to each other…

Poros Island Photography Greece_03 CT.jpg

The views from up there are absolutely stunning which is why this spot is very popular with tourists as well as other photographers, so if you are a wedding/portrait photographer and you are doing a Couple Portrait Session, or a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Poros, I definitely recommend you don’t overlook this spot.
By the time we got to the top the temperature dropped a little and it was getting a bit chilly. No worries though, everyone just put and extra layer on and we were good to carry on.

Poros Island Photography Greece_06.JPG

Irina and Vlad’s personalities really shine through in these next photos and I love looking back at them because it shows them just as they are: fun and in love!

Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_03.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_04.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Greece_01.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_02.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_05.JPG
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Poros Island Photography Greece_09.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_09.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_08.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_10.JPG
Engagement Portrait Session Poros Island_15.JPG
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